What is Carving on a Longboard: How to do

To the beginner longboarder, carving may not come naturally, much practice and determination are needed so it’s necessary to know what is carving on a longboard and this article will help you a lot about this.

Walking with the legs may be easy, comparatively carving on longboards, which is different in nature. Carving is that type of skating that really makes longboarding unique.  It’s generally found that one can carve on a skateboard and snowboard but the pattern of longboards excels at carving is totally different that mainly involves running at the raging speed.

As it is not very easy to do, so one can also practice carving on longboards to surprise others.


How to carve on a longboard?

Carving is not only enjoyable but also it’s a vital game that helps to control speed and improve the body’s strength. Carving helps to adjust the physical weight to the heel or toe of the foot in order to form an “S” pattern marked as in longboard. Rather making straight or linear path is far better to form an “S” or wavy shape. This lean towards carving helps to slow down the speed. Through this way, it helps to give more adaptability of control overboard. You can easily loose off controlling the speed if you don’t know how to carve properly.


A suitable location for Carving:

It’s an essential matter to find a suitable place for longboards carving as you can’t easily carve anywhere you want.

So when choosing a place one has to keep these things in mind. Such as:-

A hill is suitable for carving. A path during a park or a very quiet road is also good enough.

A smooth, paved surface not only helps for carving but also improve your confidence level on the total quantity grip you have got. A little bit of fresh breath can facilitate the things and a nice view of nature can margin to run out if things go to touch crazy.

Let’s watch a video of Loanbaord Carving!

Proper Setup for Carving:

If you actually wish to carve on the waves or over the mountains a proper setting is an important thing. Mainly an inevitable, turny and comparatively slider setup is a basic requirement for carving.

For carving, you need a truck that really turns. Now it’s important to know how will make it turn? Here are some tips for this:-

Longboard carving trucks width:


This measurement is done through axle width. Much width means more steadiness and less wheel bite where less width implies a better turn and more grip.

Maximum longboards have 180mm hanger width which is standard for carving. For some riders who want more sprightly boards use smaller trucks which is 150mm.

The distance of wheelbase on board:

A stretched distance is needed on board to smooth the carving and preventing things that are too rash. It’ll be a minimum of 25″. It’ll conjointly provide a touch of stability where carving takes place along with a hill, therefore things are getting quicker at some purpose.

The angle of baseplate:

The angle between the base plate and the spindle axis is known as the base plate angle. For most trucks, it can be either 40+ or 50+ degrees.

Higher angles which are 50+ degrees are suitable for many turning patterns and less lean for better carving.

Bushing and bushing seats:

Bushings are minor rubber pads in the truck. Soft bushings enable turning when carving.

Bushing seats are the spaces in the trucks where the bushings are fixed. It may be round or flat. Based on the shape of the seats, the bushings can be more or less that able to compress the effects of ridings feelings.

One has to be conscious of round seats, which are finest suited for a good carving sense.

Height of truck:

Truck height can have an effect on wheel selection dramatically.

Truck height is between the base plate and the axle that holds the wheel.

Longboards with higher trucks are also less stable and harder to push on than the boards with lower trucks. So, a handsome amount has to pay for better carving ability. Sophisticated trucks can be loosened up for more spinning without affecting wheel bite. This makes sophisticated trucks worthy for carving.

Lower boards are smart too, as they are easy for management over total slide proportion. Lower boards have a habit of progressive and inevitable grips after pushing them sideways.

A Carving Setup: Quantity of Flex

It should have a good quantity of flex where robust energy come back and “pings” carver weight back out of turns.

The perfect flex is not only essential for exciting carving and to make it easier but also adds extra feelings. And that’s the thing which is a matter of concern for carving.

Longboard carving wheels:

For carving, wheels that have to be extended with better and lenient grip for shock absorption. Square-lipped or race shaped over round edged wheels helps to get a better grip in turns.

What is the purpose of carving?

This riding trend circles around “carving” lines and curves into no matter you’re riding on – water, snow, and street. It may be longboarders, surfers or snowboarders. All are alike, that’s carving.

Carving is one of the most popular longboarding disciplines and also exciting. Carving extremely simulators as an ocean water sport as its technical and inventive, conveyance a good feeling of delight, motion and freedom. Carving includes curves and speed.

There are some unique purpose that only longboard carving serves, these are as follows:-


Simply on the move, pushing on a longboard or mistreatment it as transportation, which is also known as voyaging.


Riding downhill at a controlled speed along with slides and drills is more challenging. Carving done in downhill with turny speed, manage speed by creating sharp turns that facilitate slow down the speed.


Artistic riding can be done according to carvers choice. No bounding is required.  It not only focuses on speed but also on technical tricks.


Shaking body and crossing feet to perform figures resembles as a dancing pattern.

Make sure to see our guide longboard dancing as well. You will find easy ways to do it and it will be overwhelming for you!

Final Thoughts

Now I think by reading this article, you’ll have a pretty, clear-cut idea about what is carving on a longboard and how to do it. This total article includes carving ways, equipment needed in carving and the overall purpose of carving. Carving is not only a technical riding style but also it can be an art. Instead of seeking through stunts, carvers want to be in tune with the world as a free surfer and draw beautiful curves as an artistic rider. For further reading, you may check the carving ways here.




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