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The longboard wheels are the most important element of the longboard. It depends on how to choose longboard trucks that you can enjoy them to the fullest. The longboard wheels are an important part of skid properly. Discover here our catalog and the most important tips. We will tell you everything you need to know about them. If you want to discover the true potential of the traditional street skate, here is a quick guide with tips to help you choose the most suitable longboard wheels and trucks.


Longboard Wheels and Trucks: How to Choose the Right Ones!


Quad skates only support wheels with the Side set core. The present specific wheels offer for quad skate is so poor. It is predictable to resort to the longboard to little if we want a larger wheel or higher performance. The problem is that the longboard wheels can be of three types depending on the position of the core. Only in one case Side set is compatible with our skids. Offset and Center set the wheel collides with the car and does not enter the axle of the skate.

  • Side set: Lateral core
  • Center set: Central core
  • Offset: Core in an intermediate position between Sides set and Center set

Therefore, above all other considerations, remember that the wheel you choose must be:

  • A specific wheel for skate all are Side set
  • A longboard wheel, as long as it is Side set

Let’s watch a video of Longboard wheels: How to choose it?


Normally longboards have with an index of 75a-100a wheels, but longboards always tend to carry wheels with a lower index. When in doubt, use 78a hardness wheels. The hardness index of a wheel is expressed with a numerical value followed by the letter “a” for example 78a, 80a, 82a, etc. We will use wheels of hardness 78a to skate on the street asphalt, bike path, parks, etc. It is the reference hardness in outdoor skates. From there, your weight, the discipline you practice, how polished the ground is, the diameter of the wheel, etc. will determine the convenience or not of going to a higher hardness. Some wheels have the hardness and the diameter on the side overprinted. A lower hardness index will give us more grips while a higher index will allow us to slip and skid more easily.

Keep in mind: The softer a wheel, the more grips it has and the better it filters the unevenness of the ground, alternatively, more energy are needed to shoot. The smoother the terrain, the harder you can use to increase the speed with less effort. The more the skater weighs, the more hard he tolerates.



The diameter is one of the most important characteristics of the wheels in the case of how to choose the Right Longboard Wheels. You can see that all specialized wheels for longboards have a size range from 60 mm to approximately 100 mm. Compared with skates longboard tables need larger wheels to support higher speeds. Most street skaters use diameters between 62 mm and 70 mm. Factors such as the weight and experience of the skater, as well as the surface and the skating modality, will make you choose a specific range of diameters.

  • Small wheel: It is more agile, it accelerates faster, it weighs less, and it is more fun in parks.
  • Big wheel: It gives more poise and security, it takes more speed, it is easier to keep the pace, the irregularities of the terrain are less noticeable.

Keep in mind that very big wheels do not fit on all skates. To know if certain large wheels fit in your skates, measure the distance between the base and the skate axle, and look at the position of the anchor holes in the boot the nuts could reduce slack. Once the wheel is placed, between it and the base of the skate should be sufficient space so there is no constant risk of pinching the wheel particularly if you use soft suspensions.

As a Longboard Wheel Guide:

  • Up to 65 mm Wheels fit on all quad skates
  • 70 mm wheels fit on most quad skates
  • From 76 mm, make sure you fit in your skates.
  • 72 mm-76 mm wheels fit in some quad skates
  • Skater up to 40 kg: 62 mm wheels are ideal.
  • Occasional skater / small or medium build / in parks and rides: 62 mm-65 mm
  • Intensive skater/medium or stout build / on asphalt and bike lanes: 70 mm
  • Intensive long distance skater: 76 mm-80 mm

Remember that greater diameter also means greater weight. A skater with a slim or small frame will always have a harder time moving a heavy wheel than a sturdy one.

Width, lip and contact surface

You will have noticed that the small wheels of traditional skate, the typical 62 mm. Always keep certain proportions of width and diameter. Here my advice is something rocky, but very easy to understand: discards any longboard wheel that at first glance moves away from the proportions of a skate wheel. That is, that is too wide or too narrow in relation to its diameter. Another important feature to know how to choose longboard wheels is the edges that can be straight or rounded. In this case, they are called lips.

If the edges are straight, the width coincides with the contact surface. If they are rounded, the contact surface is less than the width. As with any wheel the greater the contact surface, the more friction ergo more grip and stability, but also greater resistance to rolling. If you like to brake skidding, the risk of nicking a straight edge wheel is high. Straight edges are for greater stability, safety, and grip. Rounded edges are for skids, dry braking and in general a more dynamic skating. For longboard wheels brands you may check here.

Longboard Wheels and Trucks: Things to be Considered!


Choose the Right Truck Width: The ways for choosing the correct truck’s width for your Longboard are easy. There are two types of widths to prefer these are from 150 mm and 180 mm. Frequently decks calculate 9-10” in width axle with 150-180 mm width are the usual sizes for the longboard trucks.

Longboard truck baseplate angle: The baseplate is the rectangular metal parts to screw the deck to the other of the truck. Baseplate angle refers to the kingpin angle comparative to the baseplate. Speaking 50-degree angles let you to cruise and cruise. It gives sufficient steadiness for most downhill riding. A 44-degree angle baseplate with a 180 mm hanger is best for an experienced rider.

Kingpin: The reverse kingpin and standard kingpin preference depend on the type of ride. They are more receptive at more stable at high speed and slow speeds making them simply handy. These characteristics build them perfect for any type of ride you want to get.

Bushings: Bushings are little urethane grommets that give inertia while trucks take the center of the turns the hanger and. There is a pair of the bushing on both sides of the hanger, top, and bottom. Bushings are designed to provide a cushion between different components of the trucks. The harder the bushing, the stiffer the truck compelling, the rider is to lean harder to turn. For more response trucks, the bushings come in a softer variety.

Let’s check out our guide on longboard ride in which we have shown different incredible methods to do it!


Try to choose longboard wheels and trucks with the highest quality, and modify it in a lathe to decrease its width and turn it into Side set. Have the good fortune to find best longboard wheel brands. The most comfortable option chooses a 70 mm wheel. For the most advanced riders, each wheel is very different sensations depending on the wheels that we are using. We hope the article has seemed useful and help you to enjoy your skates to the fullest.

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