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vanguard Longboarding needs passion, time, practice and, of course, a good longboard. However, nowadays there is a long range of options available. It’s obvious that a particular would easily get confused. More than that someone who is a total noob will have no idea what to do with so many choices. However, there is one longboard that I would want to suggest both noob and pros. It’s the loaded vanguard bamboo longboard. Why is it so good? How’s the built quality? Is it easy to push? Here’s all the detailed answer in my vanguard reviews. Keep on reading!


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Loaded Vanguard  Review – Key Features

The Perfect Carver!

A longboard that lacks the skill of a good carving is absolute of no use. It’s a waste of money and will do no good for you. No matter if you are just starting or an already expert, you need to invest in a board that has some power skills while you perform carve. The loaded vanguard longboard is a pro here.

The longboard has a very effective design that’s meant to outperform whatever stunt you want to show to the world. This brilliant built-in quality will ensure there’s never an accident once you determine to get the carving lines done. The snowboard inspiration is the made reason why it’s so flexible and gives enough flex to perform any commuting as well as pumping.

More than that the lightweight design is another reason why it’s super easy for even a noob to perform mind-blowingly.  The side cuts, as well as high energy flex, is a good plus that makes loaded vanguard longboard one of the prominent choices for stunt lovers available in the market right now.

Sleek Beauty!

The loaded vanguard longboard is a greatly planned longboard that comes with an elegant design to ensure you have your preferred looks while longboarding. The tapered shape is a great influencing design to keep you safe and sound. The wheel clearance is flawless to give you the ability for deepest carves and even for tight turns.

The light concave is another benefit to the overall design for longboarders. This feature ensures that you can have a side to side controlling the power that would make your rides even firmer than any other longboard in a similar price range. Also, it includes one greater looking feature, I want to mention the platform design too. Its top mounted and cambered type. This is a great design to perform high energy carving and also give you excellent performance while on a ride. The bamboo and fiberglass construction will never disappoint nor fall apart in the middle of a hassle. So no matter how lively or energetic as a rider you are, you’ll never feel the need of another longboard once you decide to go for loaded vanguard longboard.

High Capability Flex

A board that responses according to your control and does so in no time should be the best fit for any rider. No matter if you have a great weight or just a slim figure, it’s better to get a board according to your requirements. You are going to perform carving and pumping g on it. At least for a safe ride, it’s important to maintain good flex requirement. The loaded vanguard longboard comes with five rating flex that is one of a kind to get you what you need to have. So with the flex settings if you are heavy than a lighter one or maybe you are lightweight than a heavy flex one is always there to make you are riding a pleasing thing.

The two size options are great for most weight people and so this board passes in the flex area with high-performance scores. The ratings are perfect to withstand your weight, style, and stance in a phenomenal way.


Trucks & Wheels

The loaded vanguard longboard uses a Paris 180 mm 50 degree V2 truck for a longboard. This is one of the greatest picks to get a smooth and controlled ride for any skill level rider. The turnings are smooth and on point. Even stunts are a piece of cake with the flexibility of the truck. It has a nice responding rate to get you even all-around riding experience. No matter if you wish to do pumping or carving, the loaded vanguard longboard is a boss in every way.

Talking about the wheel, the Orangatang wheels are one of the best choices for a longboard. The 70mm dimension is really a great measurement to meet your smooth and high roll speed requirements smoothly. Also, the grip and flexibility of the wheels are mind-blowing to ensure a safe and sound ride. You would be able to slide and glide easily. A freeride friendly longboard with the superior quality wheel is making loaded vanguard longboard an option that is perfect for most riders.


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  • Bamboo and fiberglass construction is very strong.
  • Gives a very smooth and safe riding experience.
  • Looks sleek and suites most rider’s style.
  • Great riding for any weight requirements.
  • Gives perfect riding ability for any ride.
  • Wheels and trucks are greatly functioning.
  • The sliding is smooth and safe for any stunts.
  • Effective riding for carving, pumping and commuting activities.
  • The deck is easy to ride on.
  • Comes with five different flex ratings.
  • There are two widespread size options.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Fits nicely in car trunks and easy to store at home also.[/su_list][/su_box]


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  • Set up is a bit confusing.
  • A bit expensive for a few folks.[/su_list][/su_box][/su_column][/su_row]

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The loaded vanguard bamboo longboard is the perfect killer to get for high-performance carving riders. You can take this flawlessly beautiful looking board to anywhere in your neighborhood. It’s super easy to push and also strolls like butter in the street. You would be glad to have it as a riding friend.

Make sure to read well about the manufacturer’s page requirements. There are some bad sellers you need to avoid. However, the brand reputation is really good and comes with trustworthiness that most customers like about it. Think wisely and decide carefully. That’s all about the loaded vanguard longboard review. Good luck on a better riding longboard!


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