Loaded Icarus

Most riders would tell you that the most fascinating features in a longboard are better decks, urethane soft wheels, and huge trucks. These aspects would let you have a better speed for any competition or normal riding. The perfect board for this purpose comes from more than a few brands. Manufacturers now care about the popularity they are gaining from the specific cool benefit they include in a tool. So no there’s a wide range of models to compete in the market for a well-deserving best longboard. The Loaded Icarus review is meant to give you an idea about one of the coolest longboards you can have in an affordable price range. Let’s move ahead!


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Loaded Icarus Review – Key Features

Damp, Light & Strong

The most suitable thing to do for anyone who is interested in great longboarding experience is to go for a stiff board. Most racers would tell you that good built-in ensures proper usability. The Loaded Icarus longboard is one of those models that care about durability and strength. It’s super tough and is meant to go through almost anything you want it to deal with. The laminated bamboo and fiberglass construction quality will give you a lively ride each time. That too in a very affordable price. I mean what else are we looking for?

It does not mean the board is very heavy. It’s super light instead and very comfortable to carry in and you can take it along with you for different journeys and exciting trips. Don’t worry about carrying a bunch of weight around because that is never going to happen with this beauty. Another fascinating thing is the vibration damping included at the cork bottom layer. In short, it’s damp, light and strong.

Let’s watch a video of Loaded Icarus review!

Stability Is At Its Best!

The stability is what you should count in whenever looking for a longboard. I have seen so many cases where people tend to forget about how important balancing is to have a safe ride. Imagine being on a road and doing simple tricks. Suddenly due to being too cool, you meet a curve but you can’t keep the balance. Bam! An accident. Nobody wants to face that. So it’s very important you note the point previous to such incidents. It’s better to take precaution before getting into a disease, right?

The Loaded Icarus takes the stability factor quite seriously and designs every single part to match the feature. The Orangatang wheels are a great addition to provide you the perfect grip and that makes sure you never lose control. The grip and speed will always keep you stable on the board and you would be enjoying a safe ride.

The freeride friendly set up will keep you secure. It’s also a great feature to count down.

Loaded Icarus Longboard – A friendly Deck Size

As a beginner, you absolutely cannot ignore a good size deck and it’s your duty to choose the one that offers longer decks. Why? simply because when you are at the beginning stage of longboarding you want to have the maximum space and comfort. A longer deck will always be better to provide optimum support and safety. The Icarus comes with a 38 inches length deck that would do justice for your tasks and ride. A short length board always tend to give less stability. The size is mostly for those who are experts in riding. But for the folks who are still novice a large size will do the job. It gives the perfect combination of stability and maneuverability.

Also, the size allows you to have better controlling. Isn’t that important when you want to ride on a busy surface? With other riders, you need to be careful since the surfing space will be short for each person. At that time the importance of maneuverability will always peek inside your head. This longboard is here to save you from those regrets and make your controls as sleek as you need it to be.

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A Good Set of Trucks

The Icarus comes with Paris trucks that are meant to deliver you better-controlled turning as well as smooth riding experience. You know how important these things are for tough carving and all-around riding. So many folks will want to take their longboard to campus and all those spots they usually go to. It’s cool and looks nice to build a classy image. Riders would always want to look better than other rivals so making smooth turns and tricks are a common thing to prove worth. If it turns out to be a disaster you’ll be embarrassed as heck and also there’s a chance of you getting hurt. That’s why these features help you in a great way to get the perfect experience while going through such circumstances.


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  • A great longboard for smooth riding experience.
  • A complete package for beginner riders.
  • Very user-friendly and perfect choice for practicing.
  • Great in doing carves and tricks.
  • It provides a clean rolling and does excellent in smooth flats.
  • A great board to flex pretty well.
  • Nice weight handling capacity.
  • Wheels are super at getting a better grip.
  • It does not feel dangerous at all.
  • Bearings are greats as well.
  • Gives a better response in less time.
  • The board bounces quite well.
  • A fun tool to carry around since its super lightweight.
  • The trucks are well made and functional.[/su_list][/su_box]


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  • Back wheels sometimes push too hard.[/su_list][/su_box][/su_column][/su_row]

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Getting a cool longboard is only a decision away. This is a perfect choice for beginners as well as regular users. I found the features very helpful and up to the mark. So there’s no reason for me to stop you from getting it. I’ll definitely recommend it to you if you want to have quality in a budget. Just be sure to buy from some reliable source and I assure you are going to love the longboard. This brand and model is one of the least celebrated but very convenient to deliver great riding tools. So don’t waste your time and make a choice. It’s either being too choosy with your decision or getting a great tool at a great price. That’s all about the Loaded Icarus review and hope you will have it. Good luck!

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