How to slow down on a Longboard: simple tricks

Have you started practicing on longboards recently? Are you looking for a perfect guide that will enlighten you regarding how to slow down on a longboard? Then sweat out no more. You are reading through the right piece of information that has proper details listed that you will need to follow for slowing down a longboard and also slowing down going downhill on a longboard. Let’s keep on going!


You might also wonder about the difference between a longboard and a skateboard and also what is a longboard used for. Well, a longboard looks almost similar to a skateboard but the difference between them is that a longboard is longer in length compared to skateboards. The wheels of the longboard are relatively hard compared to the wheels of the skateboard. The deck of longboards is made up of plywood for almost all the time and these are available in different sort of shapes and sizes.

Many tricks can be played with longboards, such as racing, sliding, and dancing. Along with playing tricks, slowing down on a longboard downhill is an essential thing that you should be knowing before you go for being an expert in a certain trick. Below we have listed down the basic principles that you will have to know to make sure you properly know the process of slowing down a longboard.

Longboard Downhill

Basic principles to slow down:

  • Before you learn it, you should be knowing the essential things for riding a longboard first. You will need to practice riding a longboard on a safe playground before you decide to ride a longboard on the streets.
  • Doing a good number of practices is the key to be a pro in terms of slowing down a longboard and also going downhill. The first thing that you should learn is to how to move forward on the board and this is the way how you can learn about slowing down the longboard. Before starting, you will need to find the best and accurate location. While riding, slide to slow it down.
  • While riding the longboard, to make it slow, ride in a zigzag way. And by using your body balance you will be able to resist the winds. Using your foot for braking, you will be able to slow it down from maximum speed.
  • You can slow your longboard riding by keeping your back foot positioned at the center of the longboard. By getting used to practicing, you will learn further knowledge regarding balancing that will help you get expert in the trick that you will be performing.
  • For making slow it down much easier, you will need to have a proper firm grip on the longboard. You can get that grip by wearing appropriate sports shoes. Also, to avoid getting injured, make sure you wear a protective helmet.

Let’s watch a video to know the tricks!

Points to consider while slowing down:

  • By positioning your front foot forward, and then bending your knees helps you to slow the longboard.
  • Keep your head down lowering its position. And then put your back foot on the side of a longboard to make it slow. By balancing you’re both the feet hit your rear wheel.
  • To make slowing down on the streets easy, prevent speeding up your longboard. You can prevent doing so by keeping your foot out at the side of the longboard while riding. Also, before you begin riding your longboard on the streets, start learning at a slower speed and practice foot balancing at first.
  • Learning how to foot brake is an essential thing you will need to know for slow down going downhill on a longboard . Foot braking needs to be properly practiced as a longboard tends to run faster when you ride on it.
  • Half bend your body while riding your longboard this also helps you to experience the joy of riding a longboard in a much better way.
  • You are not supposed to slow it every now and then. Slow your board now whenever you think is necessary.
  • For slowing down your longboard shifting your body weight to the front part of the longboard also works. Using your back foot, drag the foot on the ground to slow it down whenever you feel the need. However, be considerate on the type of ground you will be riding your longboard as the way you drag your foot will also depend on that.
  • Don’t put more weight to your back foot otherwise, you will not be able to slide on the side of your longboard to slow it down and going downhill on a longboard
  • Turn your hips and shoulders in the way and towards the direction of your sliding posture. This helps you get control over your speed.
  • Keep your speed under your control and determine the speed at which you are riding. Use your back foot to slow it whenever it is required.
  • If you are unable to use your back foot to slide and reduce the speed of your longboard. Slowly run your hands on the ground to reduce the speed of your longboard.
  • Learn the toe side technique as well for lowering your body and slowing your longboard down.


Don’t forget to check the tips and tricks to stop a longboard. We have explained several methods.

Final verdicts:

To sum up, the way anyone faces difficulty while riding any sort of vehicle initially it is obvious for someone to face difficulty while learning how to ride a longboard. However, riding a longboard becomes easy enough once you have practiced it well enough and have gained enough knowledge regarding the points you need to consider. For being a pro regarding how to slow down on a longboard it is essential that you need to know all the tricks for balancing and controlling the speed of your longboard. You may also check out here to know more about it. Happy Longboarding!

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