How To Ride A Longboard: A Beginner’s Guide   

A longboard is a form of skateboarding in which longer boards use the wheels tend to be larger to allow greater stability. It is a discipline similar to surfing, changing the waves by asphalt, slopes, and ramps. There are different types of longboards tables in the market depending on the use. That you want to give, the modality and style, for example, there are many tables that are more appropriate to catch more speed when sliding down hills. Are you wondering to ride a skateboard? We are writing this article to know how to ride a longboard for beginners.

There are many people who have never ridden a skateboard, but who are looking for a good method to get around. We have some special tips on riding a longboard. Let’s see the tips for each of the riders who want to start in this fantastic world.


How to Longboard for Beginners: Tips for the Newbie

First, you have to decide whether you skate with left foot onward or else your right foot onward. Doing skate with left foot onward denotes that you skate standard and skating with right foot onward denotes that you skate foolishly. Keep your front foot usually straight when you have to push. When keeping your behind foot on the boards uncurl the leading foot within 90 degrees and put it in front of rear screws. It could be a great step if you don’t uncurl your front foot within 90 degrees, surely you will begin to shake and waste all your durability in the procedure.

You do not have to remove your feet from the table for any reason. Most boards have a smooth braking action so you do not have to worry about braking. The last part of the slowdown is based on footwear. The effects of sliding, spinning, and any other movement you may know significantly at 30/40 km per hour speed. You may break your bones directly against the asphalt if you have slippery wheels.


Get Your Position

Keep your Rear foot on the tail in horizontal position and keep the front foot in the position of the screws. The first thing is to climb the table and start to raise tilt to all sides in order to learn how to stand on a longboard and know the balance in the table. Also, lose the fear of climbing on board. Once you have learned to balance yourself on a board you are supposed to know the positions of your feet to skate. You must start very slowly and you can help yourself by grabbing something for more confidence at the end. You will see the results of how you progress skating with great practice. You can provide more strength to the table with the passage of time by practicing and having confidence in yourself.

Let’s watch a video on how to ride a longboard!

Longboarding Tricks

Starting from the plain before traveling the most complex roads, we recommend for those who have just dabbled in a longboard. This will make you know riding a longboard in the absence of push, turn, and with longboard skate well. While it stops in its tracks, learn the way of riding cruiser to overcome it. Riding out means, you stay on your longboard until you hit a flat road and the board has stopped naturally. Experts say that this is the best and the easiest way to stop.

Tips to Make Sharp Turn

The longboards are heavy and big and it is difficult to turn them, unlike the smaller and lighter surfboards. You have to put the knee on the board to make a sharp turn. Put all the weight on the back foot and rotate the hips, so that the front of the table begins to turn. You have to put the weight on the back with the front foot when you start to turn. It will get the board rotated 180 degrees.

Body Aesthetic Trick

The art of body aesthetics is very important to get maximum mileage for each push for beginners. Folding allows you to travel longer distances with less effort. Push with the dominant foot to put in, while your foot planted will be much more in front of the longboard. Once you push, get the push with your foot on the back of the longboard, kneeling as much as you can on the board. The condition of this one among the longboard tips is that you should not touch the knee to the board. Get your arms behind as far as you can in the back and to steer the board, use your weight.

Walking Tricks

One of the things that a longboard allows you is to take a walk. Walking is a difficult trick that makes the facade that you are going up and down the table. To do this you have to drag your feet back and forth from the board, stepping on the sides to keep your balance. This is something that you can only do on a longboard.

Hang Ten Tricks

It is a classic trick of longboards, walking up to the front of the table. You must balance the board and slowly walk forward to do this trick. It looks like it is mounted on that front part when you get to the front of the table. You can hold this position for a few seconds, before returning to the normal surf position. Target the board for the higher third of the wave, then begin cross stepping rapidly towards the nose of the board. Keep your weight towards in rail the wave breaking part will begin invasive your board’s tail.

Coffin Method

You have to make a change from standing to lying on the board to make this maneuver, that of the coffin. Then adopt the classic pose of a dead man in his coffin and slide through the wave in this position until you stand up again.

Safety in Practice

It is very significant to take suitable preventive measures and use better protective equipment for a beginner. It can save any type of fall against the asphalt, particularly in the head, since falls are the order of the day when new tricks and modalities are practiced. Never mount your longboard without a helmet and preferably with knee pads as well. The elongated boards are capable of reaching high speeds. Keep your head protected since you will probably need it at some point.

Longboard Braking System


Once you get the hang of longboard gets the basics in order to learn how to ride a longboard goofy. Testing the wrong technique in the wrong way can lead to injury. So learning the right way to get to stop with your skateboard is very important. Foot braking, air braking, sliding, carving, rolling, and horse riding are some of the important Longboarding stunts to stop. A good team is always a good option if you are serious about skateboarding, longboarding or more. Good gliding gloves, helmets trucks, and the like will be a good investment. Look at the new wheels and know on the advanced equipment that comes on the market.

As a beginner, you also need to know the slow down techniques of a longboard, don’t you? Let’s check it to know the simple tricks.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about our guide on how to ride a longboard. Hope this will help you a lot! Now get ready and start exploring your longboarding experience. We are sure that you will be overwhelmed with this journey, don’t you? In addition, you may check here for further reading on this. Wish you all the best as always!





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