How to longboard dancing – Tips for you

How to longboard dancing, isn’t a very rare question? Most people will love dancing either it is professionally or simply because they love to do it. But there are some who love to use longboards for dancing. Today it’s all for them.

I am sure if you have ever watched a dancing girl then there is no way you didn’t enjoy it. There are so many dancing tricks and tips that you can learn for a perfect ride. Let’s know more about longboard dancing and you can enjoy it after that.l



What Is Longboard Dancing?

This is one of the best feelings you can ever get if you really like riding longboards. Because of the fact majorly that you can ride on it anywhere anytime and try so many tricks to perform a dance session on it. There are so many people who are interested in passion for longboard dancing.


But let me tell you. This thing needs a lot of time. You would have to invest a lot of patience and persistence. You need to practice a lot if you want to get a grip here. It’s important to learn from an expert as well who knows well how to longboard Dancing perfectly.

This pretty chore came first from Mullen. He was a fanatic of learning and doing longboard dancing when he was a kid. He used to put timer so practice for long hours every single day/ He used to practice until the timer ran out no matter what.

So, you can have an idea about what you need the most. Lots and LOTS OF PRACTICE! One day you’ll be an expert and there will be a good result. The flat land abilities you get later will surely bring the brightest smile on your face.

Let’s watch a video on how to longboard dancing !

Freestyle Longboards Dancing Tricks!

Let me tell you about the most important rule and trick of longboard dancing. Learning this one trick can get you a really long way to perform nicely. Learn the right basic moves at the very beginning. Yes, going for the most basic ticks can actually give you wings for dancing. Once you have a good idea about how to do simple tricks flawlessly, advanced steps will become a piece of cake. It’s all about making your roots strong. And we all know a tree with stronger roots will always grow up to be a healthy one. You will be completely ready with the right balance. Here are some basic tricks to learn.


The Cross Step

At the very beginning, start with learning cross step. It’s like the gateway trick you have to learn for so many other steps to perform nicely. You should start with a really natural riding stance. Let you back foot stay on the bolts. Next, you’ll need to bring the front foot to the back. Let it touch the back foot. Let all the weight shift to the front foot.

You will now generously move the back foot forward. Let that cross over the front foot. Keep on doing the step. It needs to be repeated until you think the move is perfect. You can drop the back foot back to bolts and try again. You can also use the edges slightly to try the style level differently. This will help to make carve easily. This step can improve your balance and give better control.

Ghost Ride

Now let us talk about the ghost ride trick. This dance move will need you to us flips to perfect your skills better. What you need to do is step off the board with your back foot. Now you need to use your front foot and drive the board forward, Now use rolls to take steps. You can bring the feet back to the board. Once you do it smoothly this will look really seamless. It would seem as if you are hopping off or on your board really fast. The idea is kind of similar to cross step.

You will start with bringing your back foot to front. Now keep it around the front foot. Do it all with the board in one motion. You need to keep the front foot engaged while doing this speed so that the board stays within the speed.

Ince your back-foot hits the ground this whole thing will look like a small hop. Rinse, lather and keep on doing this step again and again.


Manuals and Nose Manuals

Another fun trick to learn is the manuals. These are really impressive and easy to master with some practices. You can use these to an old one for a long distance. Start with sliding the back foot to the very back of the tail. Now let the weight stay more on your back foot than the front foot. This will make the board lift.

Once you start to remove weight from the front foot the board will lift and make an impressive appearance. You can easily maintain the weight by adjusting the weight shifts.

You need some time to get the sweet spot. You cannot expect to be dialed from the very beginning. The similar thing is with nose manuals. Here you’ll need flips, however. You would be putting the weight on very front.

If this thing happens, there is a huge chance that you’ll fall forward while dancing. So, you need to practice slower at the beginning. It’s going to take some time to become the master of manuals though.


The Peter Pan

This is another crowstep trick but with the more advanced method. Here it will take a lot of time to develop the trick perfectly. You should turn your front foot while facing straight. You need to slide back towards the middle of the board then, it needs to be onto the edge.

Don’t miss to check our guide on the longboard sliding techniques where we have discussed in step by step.


It’s okay if you are not doing great starting off. The first rule on how to longboard dancing is giving yourself enough time. Just go out and play around. You should have fun and one day you’ll be able to find the right balance and style. Good luck!

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