How to Clean Griptape on a Longboard: 3 Easy Ways

You need to find out how to clean griptape on a longboard, don’t you? Do you look at your longboard and find out that it has grip tapes with stomped up problems? Then be sure to experience losing grip.

It’s kind of obvious because you are skating every day. So basically, what you grip tape needs is your focus and attention.

So today, I’ll talk about the way that can help you to clean grip tape perfectly and make it sparkling. Here is everything you need to know.


First Technique!

For this method, you would need very minimal tools. You are going to need a toothbrush and a few paper towels. Also, you would need some water. The best part about this method is that it does very less harm or damage to your grip. Also, it can effectively clean grip tape without any problems. But the only glitch is the fact that it needs you the longest time to clean. So, you should get a good amount of time ready to invest. So, let’s start the method.

First of all, you need to pour little water over the grip. Make sure it’s wet evenly. Now you need to use the toothbrush. You will need to thoroughly scrub over the spot. Use the toothbrush gently and avoid making any additional scratches over it. Remember to be cautious because you don’t want to get any second spot over it.

Try to use some paper towels and keep them with you while scrubbing. The best way to scrub is going with the circular method. You should be pushing into the grip. This will help you to evenly get rid of the dirt. Next, you will dab the paper towel over it. This will grab any dirt remaining. The dirty water should be completely removed using the paper towel.

But this does not mean your grips are completely clean. You should assure a hundred percent clean grip tapes by going through a similar method once again. This will help you to get a result that is much more satisfying then using it for only one time. I know this might need your extra time but trust me. The outcome is something that will keep your grip tape working for better grip like never.

You will need patience and persistence for this method. I’m sure you’ll love later when you see pretty clean grip tapes. In the end, I’ll like you to use a single sheet of towel roll. Use it and pat down so that the towel can really grab any dirt left for the final time. This is the effective answer to get really scrubbed dirt.

How to clean griptape on a longboard: Let’s watch!

Second Technique

This method is basically known as belt sander cleaner techniques. For this formula, you’ll need really minimal items. So, don’t worry about getting them or buying really expensive things. These are easily available and you can simply buy them reasonably. You would need a rubber eraser. The same one that you actually use to remove pencil mars. You can use this tool to remove any dirt from grip tape also. It’s actually the easiest method and anybody can do it.

First of all, you’ll need to get the rubber and rub it over the dirt. Do this in back and forth motion. Do so until you see dirt is coming off. However, the only problem with this method is that it does not get rid of all the dirt. You can’t get into deeper dirt. So, dirt that is hard to get basically stay within and you don’t get the complete benefits of grip.

You should get a proper belt sander cleaner that is available online anywhere. You can get it right on Amazon and for a really practical price you can buy it. Also, there is some longboard company that will sell the stuff in small affordable sizes. If you don’t want to get your grip to getting dirt it is important to get them for your maintenance. Getting some tools for grip tape cleaning will help you a lot. So, make sure this tool is there in your cleaning kit.


Technique Three!

The most sustainable and easiest method here is going to be this. The best for longboard grip tape that is coarse. You need to put a little water over the board at the beginning. Now get a bristled brush or wire brush, whatever you are comfortable using with. Now you need to use it and rub in a circular motion.

Now you will get rid of dirt easily with this method. Then you need to use some paper towel and dab over it. Let it dry thoroughly until there is no water left.

Benefits of Cleaning your Griptape

If you don’t go with regular cleaning there will be so many problems that you’ll meet. First of all, it’s going to be sticky. This is going to make the grip get away while you are using it for regular days.

Next bad thing that might happen if you avoid cleaning your longboard’s grip tape is getting into damages. Those grip tape that deprives of regular maintenance will most certainly get more intact with troubles and issues.

Also, when a user always come up with everyday maintenance, the chances of replacing the grip tape any time sooner will be really less. So, saving you some cost is another benefit you should count with grip tape maintenance.

Also, another simple payback is you get a durable grip tape. That’s one of the naive but really important benefits that users will want to have in their longboard. Cleaning the grip tape regularly will keep it going for a long time.

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Final Thoughts

That’s all with how to clean griptape on a longboard. I’m sure now you have pretty well idea and you can store your longboard the very right way. This method will keep it running smoothly for days without any difficulty. And any longboarder will love the fact that their favorite longboard is working fine for so many days. Good Luck with Riding!


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