Best Longboard Decks – Top 7 Reviewed

A longboard deck is long, flat and a surface that helps to keep you standing. Their length and unique shape are the typical features they have. Picking the right one can be tricky with so many options available. Today, we’ll be talking about getting the best longboard decks and what ideal options are popular right now in the market. Let’s move forward.

To give you the heads up, we have broken down this article into two parts as follows:

Part one: Longboard decks reviewed

Part two: How to choose the right deck

Part one: 7 Best Longboard Decks Reviewed!

We have figured out the following longboard decks which will surely help you out to choose your perfect one:

  1. Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Decks
  2. Landwave Skateboard Starter Kit With 2 Ramps
  3. Moose Blank Skateboard Deck
  4. Bamboo Skateboard Decks
  5. Vision Psycho Stick Skateboard Deck
  6. Moose Old School Skateboard Deck
  7. Blank Bamboo Skateboard Decks

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck


The blank skateboard decks will be a hard part to include for a safe longboarding experience. The design looks great and will do justice to provide enough smoothness. The size fits pretty well so a plus here as well. If you do not maintain properly there might be a chance of color coming out.

  • Looks great.
  • Easy setup.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Stain comes out sometimes.


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Let’s watch a video review!

Landwave Skateboard Starter Kit with 2 Ramps


Landwave Skateboard Starter is somewhat pricey but you won’t be disappointed with the quality. You need minimal effort and time to set it up. It could be done alone by one person. The sturdiness will also ensure proper smoothness for a great skateboard. If the price point is not a problem for you then definitely go for this deck.

  • The quality is superior.
  • Looks beach friendly.
  • Easily fits in.
  • Not heavy at all.
  • A bit pricey.


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Moose Blank Skateboard Deck


It’s one of the best longboard decks for the price. The shape is perfectly cured and gives a convenient feel. The steeper concave is user-friendly and I love it. The design is also pretty eye-catching to win the heart. With the minimal effort of fitting in, you’ll be able to get a great longboarding experience. That is to say, this is a cheap longboard deck with excellent features and quality.

  • Nice shape.
  • Convenient usability.
  • Effortless fitting method.
  • Easy and durable surface.
  • The size is a bit different in the actual product.


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Bamboo Longboard Decks

bamboo longboard decks

The bamboo skateboard decks will need a few effort and practice to get used to. It isn’t a typical maple deck. But still, it’s enough flexible and provides good stability on the water. The weight is light and convenient to carry on. You won’t find it easily breakable.

  • Flexible part.
  • Good stability deck.
  • Lightweight deck.
  • Sturdy enough.
  • Not for anyone who likes a maple deck.


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Vision Psycho Stick Skateboard Deck


The vision psycho stick skateboard deck is a retro design part you can get if you love traditional things. It’s tough, withstands heavy usage, good surface provider and is quite relevant to get. There’s no complexity in setting it up. The deck will last for a good period of time. No huge issues that should stop you from getting this.

  • Nice stable deck.
  • Great quality material.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Simple set up.
  • A bit slippery.


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Moose Old School Skateboard Deck


The moose old school skateboard deck with the 33″ X 10″ will fit easily into your longboard/skateboard. The design looks sleek and gives a beach feel already. There’s no worrying about too much price since it’s inexpensive. There’s a shrink wrap that works excellently. Also, there are five color options to choose for.

  • Comes in five lovely shades.
  • There are pre-drilled holes.
  • Stable and strong.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Somewhat scratch friendly.


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Blank Bamboo Decks


The blank bamboo longboard deck will give you the whole POP you need. The last longing maple design will stay with you for a good period of time. It comes with an optimum construction quality to love. Also, the bamboo is shock resistant to make your experience even safer. With hard to break design the deck will be pro-choice for expert boarders.

  • Nice and classy design.
  • Stable with good built-in quality.
  • Gives enough flexibility.
  • An eco-friendly deck to use.
  • A bit expensive than others.


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How to Choose the Right Deck

There are different types and features that will make you a bit confused to pick the most suitable longboard deck. But if you concentrate on your needs then things will be very easy. The deck size varies, however, most of them would be somewhat seven to ten inches wide. Choose a width according to your longboarding style. You need enough room to keep your feet.

Next thing you need to consider is the length which most decks will offer thirty-two inches one. This depends on the site you would be mostly longboarding. Your activity will also have an impact on length decision.

The wheelbase is another consideration you should never neglect. Check if it has a good mounting hole and it should be something 13” to 15”. That’s the ideal size. The wheelbase will impact on your board’s performance so make sure you check it out.

You must also consider a board deck that’s versatile and flexible. A too hard deck will give you rough usability and feel uncomfortable while riding. So, go for something smooth but still strong enough to withstand waves and hard conditions.

The brand choice should also be taken into account. Read a lot of review about a particular brand you want to deal with. Check how the manufacturers treat their consumers and how much satisfied the users are with the deck.

Pricing should not be a huge issue since most good working deck comes in a less amount of price. A bit expensive one will give you better durability. So, if you are not buying a bunch of accessories all together then consider investing more for a durable deck.

These are a few important criteria that will help you to make a better choice. It doesn’t matter what brand you choose or what design you prefer, the basic features need to be good enough to make you spend your valuable money. Don’t invest in something that has features you won’t get much help from. Don’t go for extra benefits but the essentials one. That’s the prime rule make a great deal!


That’s all about the review of best longboard decks. It will now be easy for you to grab the right deck for your favorite longboard, won’t it? Make sure you consider all these issues pretty well. Give yourself enough time for making a decision. Get the finest one, fit it down and go to the beach to have the most memorable time of your life. Lastly, before buying make sure to have a look at Longboard deck designs, types, and styles. Happy Longboarding!

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