Best Longboard Brands – Top 10 Reviewed

This is a complete review of the best longboard brands that are mostly capturing the market share and are very popular among longboard lovers. We believe that you are passionate about the brands, don’t you? Whereas, a lot of brands are out there. It is not easy to find out the best one from the market. Let’s move on and check out the top 10 brands that we explained in details.

Best -Longboard-Brands

We have figured out the following Best Longboard Brands including:

Sector 9 – Top Brand


Sector 9 is a popular name in the longboard market and for the past 25 years they have been keeping up the reputation of being one of the best dealers of high-quality decks, complete pieces, hardware, and other accessories.

The brand is well known for having a wide range of longboards that are built to last and perform exceptionally well.

Models such as the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder and the Sector 9 Lookout Complete are just two examples of their popular longboards that are popular among riders.

Whether you have to stick to a budget so you can splurge some extra cash, you are sure to find a board that is made just for you.

The company also takes a lot of pride in constructing their boards using very high-grade materials where most of their popular boards are put together by incorporating multiple plies of durable bamboo for the deck and smooth and long-lasting hardware.

Sector 9 longboards are designed for both beginners and advanced riders.


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This brand name is common among riders who are passionate about the sport and seek unique boards that reflect their individuality and personal style. The company started off 18 years ago and has seen tremendous growth over the years. Their collection of complete boards, decks, hardware, and accessories are not only innovative but also extremely versatile.

The Switch series is one of their best selling lines with models like the Landyachtz switchblade 38, Landyachtz Switch 35 and Landyachtz switch 40 offering buyers great performance value and style.

Landyachtz longboards are made from high-quality woods such as maple and bamboo which provide flexibility and rigidness to the decks.

Prices are usually around the mid-range so even students can afford to own their dream board to take around the campus or just cruise along the streets with friends.




Arbor first made their presence felt in 1995 by designing and manufacturing products for riders back then but it was only 3 years later that they got involved in building longboards. Their boards can easily be set apart from other brand boards due to their distinctive design and outlook.

Although their boards are ideal for all sorts of riding style, the one thing that attracts buyers the most is the thrill and speed that’s achieved from riding them. Using high-grade hardwood such as bamboo and koa, durability is heightened and performance is praiseworthy.

If you want to purchase a longboard that is fun to ride and has a look to match then Arbor may have just wanted you are looking for. In addition, among the longboard brands list the Arbor is a great one.

Check out these popular Arbor boards  Arbor Axis 40″ Cruiser Longboard Complete, Arbor Timeless Longboard, Arbor Fish Longboard.


Yocaher – Good Brand for Beginners


Yocaher offers riders with a wide range of longboards to choose from and all products come at affordable prices, making them super approachable by young adults and riders on a budget.

Their collection of longboards includes shapes such as low rider, drop down and drop through and much more. Buyers can also choose from unique shapes that are not among the traditional models, for example, the Mini or Micro board.

Along with a wide range of skateboards and longboards, the company also has a great collection of trucks, wheels, blank decks, and other equipment.

In addition, Yocaher is a perfect longboard brands for beginners

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard is something professional riders can check out while the Spirit Wolf Complete Long Board is great for beginners seeking a comfortable board to start on.




Rayne promises to follow strict technology when it comes to manufacturing their longboards, paying extra attention to innovative ideas and using only the strongest materials. Rayne boards come in both directional shapes and symmetrical shapes so you can decide between an edgy ride or something that’s more balanced.

The boards can usually be found having a bamboo, basalt or fiberglass deck, with models that come with combined materials for added strength and flex too.

If you like to mix and match and are not easily satisfied with the same traditional designs then you will enjoy the variety of mounting options and control features that these boards have.

The Rayne Baby Killer has a nice bamboo/fiberglass deck and displays cool graphics printed for style. It makes an excellent free-ride/downhill longboard.

Buyers can also check out the Rayne whip 47 which is ideal for dancing and freestyle riding.


Madrid longboards  – For Greater Performace 


One of the oldest names in skateboard manufacturing, the first Madrid board was created in the 1960s but it wasn’t until the ‘80s that these boards gained popularity. A well-known name among skateboard champions, the quality and performance of Madrid skateboards is truly commendable.

All their wood and board components are made in the U.S and the designs are created to provide riders with professional results.

The company makes boards for every kind of rider so whether you are a newbie looking for your first skateboard or you are an advanced rider looking to compete against other experienced riders, you are sure to find the perfect board for the cause built by this brand.

If you are looking for a good drop through complete cruiser board then check out the Madrid drop through longboard.

The boards come in a wide range of prices for buyer’s convenience.


Loaded Boards – Your Perfect Match


Loaded first evolved in the mid-90s and started off as a company in the year 2000. The first ever board that was launched by this company was the Vanguard. A team of dedicated members is working to build exactly what the buyers want and by keeping a check on riders demand, these boards are created to perfection.

Today the market is filled with complete longboards, decks, and hardware carrying the Loaded name and it has become a very reputable brand in the field of this growing sport. Moreover, Loaded Board is also suited as a good longboard brand for cruising.

Loaded boards are made for downhill, freeride, freestyle, carving and dancing styles. Their boards also make excellent commuting tools that people can use to get from one point to another in a safer and cheaper way.

Two of the most popular Loaded Boards models are the Tan Tien Longboard and the Icarus Longboard which carry mid-range prices but amazing value for the cash spent.


Gold Coast


Gold Coast longboards are not just built for durability and performance, they are designed to provide riders with fun-packed rides and a thrilling experience every time.

The boards at Gold Coast are usually made using high grade and sustainable hardwood such as maple or super durable bamboo.

Having unique shapes and just the right amount of flex, the boards satisfy buyers seeking to try out all sorts of riding styles.

The wheels found on these boards are made by the company itself using an original formula that ensures that the wheels roll smooth and are able to withstand harsh terrain conditions.

With original components and sturdy decks, you can safely ride these boards despite your skill level in longboarding.

Check out some of these Gold Coast Longboards The Leaf Pintail, The Trade Winds Pintail Complete Longboard, The Classic Bamboo Pintail.


Ten Toes Board Emporium – Suited for You


If you want to turn heads while riding your longboard then this brand may be the ideal brand for you. Ten Toes longboards come in the perfect shape with accurate measurements and precise maneuverability.

The most popular design on boards from the company is the vintage design which is always in high demand by riders of all ages.

When you purchase a Ten Toes board you can expect it to be versatile and multi-functional, which increases their value and level of satisfaction from its rider.

Based on customer reviews and first-hand testing we feel that the Retrospec Zed Bamboo Cruiser is one of their best selling longboards due to its amazing features and unbelievably affordable price.

You can also check out the Rift Drop-Through Longboard for a better downhill experience.


Volador – Perfect Longboard Brands for Cruising


Made for beginners and pro riders, the Volador longboards come fully equipped with sturdily built decks and well-performing components. The brand has a lot of best sellers with their cruiser and dancing boards been the most popular ones out of the lot. Volador is also considered a good longboard brands for cruising.

As Volador also makes and manufactures longboard parts, buyers can look forward to having complete boards with accurate fixtures that provide enjoyable riding and safe turning.

The boards come with all sorts of graphic prints and colors so there is always something for everyone, no matter what your personal preference may be.

We picked the VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser for its smooth cruising ability and great customer feedback and the VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard – Basic Cruiser for its comfortable and safe structure, as the two best products from this brand.

Of course, you can check out all their other models for a wider range to choose from.


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So there you have it, the best longboard brands as per customer feedback and price value of the products. There are many other brand names in the market that manufacture longboards but the ones listed above have maintained a reputation for years and managed to keep their customers satisfied with quality products and great customer service which earned them a spot on our post today. We believe our reviews will help you out to choose your perfect brand. Wish you have a great buying experience!

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