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Your grip tape may have worn out, or maybe you are looking for a grip tape to stick to your brand-new longboard. No matter the reason behind you looking for the best griptape for longboards, we think we’ve got a couple of interesting options for you.

We have picked up 5 best griptape for longboards including:

  1. Mob Grip Tape Sheet
  2. Black Diamond Grip Tape Sheet
  3. Jessup Grip tape Sheet
  4. Grizzly Stamp Grip Tape
  5. Diamond Supply Co Grizzly Grip Tape


Mob Grip Tape Sheet


This grip tape by Mob Grip seems like a good option for those who want a fancier grip tape. On their website, Mob Grip boasts that their grip tapes undergo a “groundbreaking process” to “lock full-color illustrations” into their grip tapes. Furthermore, Mob Grip claims that the image quality doesn’t sacrifice the durability or the feel of the grip tape.

So yeah, if you’d like to show your longboard off, this may be the right option for you. For those who don’t care about flashiness but do want to enjoy the benefits of this grip tape, Mob Grip offers a couple of color options, plus several sizes.

In terms of stickiness, this grip tape again seems to be great – Mob Grip writes that their adhesive is resistant to extreme temperatures.

What is also present in the Mob Grip tape are hundreds of perforations, which allow air to escape from between the deck and the grip tape in order to prevent bubble formation. It is also claimed that the backing of the Mob grip tape is tear- and waterproof and that it trims cleanly.

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Let’s watch a video review of the Best griptape for Longboards!

Black Diamond Grip Tape Sheet


This grip tape sheet offered by Black Diamond appears to be simpler and less flashy than the Mob grip tape. However, this grip tape still has a couple of interesting things to offer.

First of all, this grip tape is more suitable for cruising and other applications where grip strength isn’t of the highest importance. That’s because of its smoother 80-grit surface, which isn’t too bity, as well as doesn’t eat up shoes as strongly as lower-grit grip tapes.

Although the Black Diamond grip tape doesn’t offer the image options of Mob Grip, it does have several color options to boast. We based our review on the black variant of this grip tape, but you can choose others once they are stocked up on Amazon.

Black Diamond also boasts a super-sticky adhesive which strongly grabs onto the deck yet is easy to remove.

There are several size options as well. Our review was based on the 9×33-inch variant of this grip tape, which is going to be more suitable for shorter longboards or skateboards. However, Black Diamond does offer a larger longboard size – 10×48 inches – as well as 60 feet long rolls.

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Jessup Grip tape Sheet


Jessup markets this grip tape as grip tape for professional use by skateboarders. However, we think that its use isn’t limited to skateboards – if you sometimes do tricks while longboarding, the increased grip of the Jessup grip tape should come in handy.

Jessup doesn’t provide exact figures on the tape’s roughness, but what they do say is that the silicon carbide grit of their grip tape is “easy on the shoes” and “tough on tricks.” It appears that this grip tape is going to grip your shoes pretty good when freeriding.

Jessup also writes about their “Supertough” grip formula that can strongly grip decks of any shape. No matter what kind of a longboard you’ve got, this grip tape should adhere to it with no issues.

When it comes to size though, you will probably have to go for the long 60 feet rolls that Jessup offers. Other than those, the options available on Amazon were 9 x 33 and 8 x 33-inch sheets. So unless you have a small longboard, you will have to pay a little more money to get a large roll. On the other hand, it is going to last you longer.

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Grizzly Stamp Grip Tape


The Grizzly grip tape may not have the professional orientation of the Jessup grip tape. But if you don’t need it, then this grip tape may a nice option for you.

This again is a 9 x 33-inch single sheet grip tape, so it is going to be suitable for skateboards and shorter longboards.

The Grizzly grip tape is actually produced by the Diamond Supply Company, one of the grip tapes of which we will review next. Grizzly Griptape has just added a decal reading “grizzly” to this grip tape. And as minimalistic as it is, the red decal looks rather good on the dark surface of the grip tape.

In terms of feel, this grip tape should be similar to the Black Diamond grip tape we reviewed a little earlier. That is, it should be a better option for cruising and non-freeride applications. So if you like the design of the Grizzly grip tape more, maybe you should go for it over the Black Diamond grip tape.

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Diamond Supply Co Grizzly Grip Tape


When it comes to coolness, this grip tape by Diamond Supply is quite the eye-catcher. It doesn’t have any flashy colors in it, but it does have an interesting design.

The Diamond Supply grip tape is also named Grizzly, but the logic behind the naming is different here. The thing is that there is a small cutout in the surface of the grip tape shaped like an anthropomorphic bear, which actually is the logo of Grizzly Griptape.

You don’t see grip tapes with cutout designs in them too often. And it certainly is going to add to the cool factor of your longboard. On the other hand, if you want to have as much grip surface as possible, this may not be the best option for you.

No matter how small the cutout is, it is going to take away some of the grip tape’s contact surface. And since it is placed closer to the area where you will likely put your foot, the loss of traction may be noticeable.

This shouldn’t be a problem if you will be just cruising, but if you have more of a freeriding style, the Diamond Supply Grizzly grip tape may not be the best option for you.

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What matters in longboard grip tape?

Now, how do you make a choice from the variety of grip tape options available out there? Well, there are many subjective factors in play like design or whatnot, but we’d like to draw your attention to more objective features to look for – grit and size.


The grit indicates how fine or course a surface, in this case, the surface of grip tape, is. Typically, grip tapes have grit ratings from 24 to 80. The higher the grit, the finer and smoother the surface of the grip tape is, and the less grippy it is on the shoes.

Given that we are speaking about longboarding, we’d recommend going for smoother grip tape with less grip with the shoes. Longboards are most often used for cruising, and the increased amount of grip provided by rougher grip tapes isn’t too necessary for them.

However, if you do like to go downhill or maybe spice up your ride with tricks from time to time, you may want to go for a coarser grip tape that has a lower grit rating.


Longboards are wider and longer than skateboards, so you will need to pick grip tape size properly. If you want the grip tape to cover the entirety of your longboard’s deck, go for a grip tape that is larger than the deck. By trimming the excess tape off after adhering the grip tape to the deck, you will make sure that the grip tape fits your longboard’s deck perfectly.

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That’s all our review of the best griptape for Longboards. To be fair, it isn’t easy to buy the right grip tape for your longboard. There are many variables in play that you can’t really assess until sticking that grip tape onto your longboard and doing a couple of rides. You should still do in-depth research, but be ready to go through some trial and error before finding the right option.

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