Best Cheap Electric Longboard Under 500 – Top 7

Let’s catch it! When it comes to electric longboarding, the price may be a matter to you. Don’t worry, we have figured out the best cheap electric longboard for you having excellent features and quality.

Electric longboard will give you amazing fun that is for sure. Let’s move on and find your perfect one within your budget!

We have picked up 7 best including:

  1. Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard
  2. BLITZART Huracane 38″ Electric longboard
  3. Swagboard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard
  4. Maxfind Electric Longboard
  5. Blitzart  Tornado 38
  6. AC Electric Longboard
  7. Backfire Galaxy G2 Electric Longboard



Best Cheap Electric Longboard Under 500:

Teamgee H5 – Best affordable electric longboard


H5 by Teamgee is a very lightweight 14.5-pound longboard. In fact, Teamgee boasts that it is the thinnest e-skateboard in the world with its 0.59-inch thick deck.

The multi-layer deck consisting of 10 layers of Canadian maple and 1 layer of fiberglass should deliver great longevity for the owners of this longboard. However, you’d need to be under 200 pounds since the H5 supports no more than that.

The regenerative brakes in this longboard are also notable. Not all pricey models on our list had them, so to be fair, it was surprising for us to see regenerative brakes on a cheaper longboard.

And given that this longboard has a short 9-11-mile range, the regenerative brakes can really come in handy for it.

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BLITZART Huracane 38″


This electric longboard has a maximum speed of up to 17MPH, and when its battery is full, it can travel to a range of 6-8 miles in one go. Moreover, the board is also prepared with a safe 36V, 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery that takes only around 3 hours to charge fully!

To make riding this board more efficient and fun, a wireless remote controller that is very easy to hold on to has been added to it. The controller can be set to either the beginner mode or the advanced skater mode which will cause the board’s speed to alter accordingly, so even if this is your first time, you don’t have to worry about speed and getting into accidents.

Lastly, the remote has a reverse capability which enables you to reverse your board in case if you’re stuck somewhere or just want to go back. An ergonomic wrist strap has been equipped onto the controller as well so that the user doesn’t drop it.

As for the motor, BLITZART used hub motor for this board as they are generally more useful and aren’t too much of a hassle and as it also gives the board a more delightful outer appearance.

The upper surface of the deck of the BLITZART 38” Huracane Electric Skateboard and Longboard is made of 7-ply maple wood while the lower surface of it has a 2-layered bamboo finishing.

Furthermore, to ensure the user’s safety, the top deck is wrapped in premium grip tape, so that the soles of the user’s shoes have enough friction with the board that is required to prevent the user from slipping. The board sustains a maximum weight of 250lbs.

Last but not least, you don’t have to go through the ordeal of putting all the parts of this board together by yourself which, we know, can be very troublesome at times, because this board is shipped fully assembled! So, all you need to do is take it out of its packaging and you are ready to ride.

  • Charges within 3 hours.
  • Easy grip remote can be set to the user’s preferred mode and speed.
  • Reverse capability.
  • Uses hub motor.
  • Strong built and upper surface has a premium grip tape finishing.
  • Shipped assembled.
  • Board became dysfunctional for some after a while of using.
  • The stiff board does not have shock absorbing properties.
  • Remote control showed connection issues for many after a while of use.

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Swagtron Swagboard NG-1 Youth


With a charging speed of just 3 hours, the Swagtron Swagboard Longboard is perfect for high-speed cruising and various stunts and tricks in different terrains. The Swagboard is always ready to hit the road!


The deck is of 7 ply Canadian maple wood with provided grips for portability. The Swagboard is the board of the future with a button that starts up your board for next level riding. The length of the board is 32” with a weight of only 9 lbs.

Swagboard can travel up to 10 miles with a speed of 11 MPH. The battery equipped 24V Lithium-ion with sentry shield tech that is a security system that ensures the battery is multilayered.

The wireless remote control has a screen that shows the battery percentage, the speed, and acceleration-deceleration of the user. You can easily control the speed of the board without having to touch the board, and since the remote is also rechargeable, no need to look for new batteries either!

The wheels are of double durable polyurethane that easily absorbs shock and traction, letting the user have smooth riding experience.

  • Equipped with sentry shield that ensures the safety of the battery and the user.
  • Light-weight
  • Rechargeable battery and remote control.
  • Can only handle a weight limit of 176lbs. Weight more than that may affect the quality of the board.

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Let’s watch a video review of Best Cheap Electric Longboard!

Maxfind Electric Longboard


The Maxfind Electric Longboard Skateboard is prepared with an 8-ply maple wood deck between a layer of bamboo on the top and bottom to give this board a strong, sturdy and flexible property.

The board is equipped with “Zero to Pro” remote control, which as its name implies, has two modes: Zero and Pro. The Zero mode is for beginners with no experience while Pro is for advanced skaters.

The stability of this board increases proportionally with speed, and the maximum speed of this product is 18.6 MPH and it has a distance range of up to 8 even when charged once.

The board has 36V LG Lithium-Ion battery that takes no longer than an hour or so to reach its full capacity.

The brushless hub motors that this product is equipped with have an efficient heat loss function which prevents the mechanism from getting damaged. These motors make much less noise when compared to belt-driven ones.

MaxFind offers a 6-month warranty to its buyers.

  • Strong and sturdy build.
  • The elasticity of the product is fairly high.
  • Packed with a remote controller that has two modes.
  • Stability increases with speed.
  • The battery recharges within an hour.
  • Uses hub motors.
  • Some users found the wheels to be defective.
  • Board motors had shown faults for some after a couple of days using.

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Blitzart Tornado 38


Influenced by the simplicity and forms of surfing, Tornado Electric Longboard by Blitzart strives to give their users the best experience while riding on an electric board during both, performing stunts and also when used for simple commuting.


The board is 38” long and 9” wide with a height of 5.5” and a weight of only 13 pounds, hence being portable as well.

There are also various colors available, with respect to each customer’s different tastes. The deck has 6 layers of maple wood with bamboo in between and premium grip tape. The board has a slight concave shape to it to support the weight of the user and help to swerve properly.

Starting from 6 to 8 miles once it is charged completely, the maximum speed can take the user up to 17 MPH. The battery is of 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery packs of 36V approximately. It can take about two and a half hours to completely recharge the board.

The board comes with a wireless controller that is easy to grip onto and has speed mode options for both beginners and experienced riders. The wrist strap accompanied keeps the control safe.

A hub motor is used for the Tornado Electric Longboard because hub motors are more reliable and safer than belt drive motors.

One important note to take here is that the board is still equally usable without a functioning motor. Meaning that you can still ride it in the classic way with your feet pushing against the ground in case the motor dries up after long hours of riding.

  • Works equally well without motor and battery in case a burnt out takes place.
  • Relatively budget friendly compared to the benefits the board provides.
  • The maximum weight it can hold up to is 250lbs after which the board may split.

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AC Electric Longboard


The cheapest longboard on our list at the moment of the review’s writing, the AC electric longboard nonetheless has a couple of features to boast, especially in terms of riding comfort.

First of all, this longboard is sized around the same as the skateboard longboard we reviewed in the beginning, which is going to be an advantage for big-footed riders.

Secondly, this electric longboard has a rather deep concave deck, which is going to allow for increased foot support. Besides, it is going to place the deck a little closer to the ground for increased stability.

What lacks from this longboard though is motor power and range – this thing can ride at up to 17 mph for up to 10 miles. In addition, weighing 20 pounds, it is quite a hefty longboard, so be mindful of that.

  • Attractive price.
  • Deep and supportive concave deck shape.
  • Wide and long design.
  • Weighs 20 pounds.
  • A short range of 10 miles.

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Backfire Galaxy G2 Electric Longboard


The Galaxy G2 is a simpler and cheaper variant of the Backfire Galaxy G2s we reviewed a little earlier. There are some things that are obviously lacking from the Galaxy G2, but there are a couple of features that are actually shared between the two longboards.

The Galaxy G2 has a low-profile design as well, albeit it doesn’t stand as low to the ground due to larger 83mm wheels (the G2s had 80mm). Aside from that, the flexible yet strong & supportive design of the deck is also here.

In contrast with that, the Galaxy G2 has a shorter range – 6-10 miles – as well as simpler trucks and controls. But if you don’t really need the benefits of the pricey G2s, the G2 should be a good option to consider.

  • Durable build.
  • Low-profile design.
  • Weighs 14.5 pounds.
  • 6-10-mile range.

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That’s all about our review of the best cheap electric longboard. We do hope you have found the one that is affordable to you and best fits with your budget. Let’s explore your new way of longboarding and have fun!

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