Best Bushings for Longboard to buy in – Top 5 Reviewed

Pivot cups, washers and most importantly bushings are some of the tiny parts you need for your longboard. These tiny tools will add extra control with super comfort. You need to match and customize according to riding style and weight. Today’s topic is all about the best bushings for longboard. There you go!

5 Best Bushings for Longboard for cruising :

  1. Orangatang Nipples (Set of 4)
  2. Shorty’s Doh-Doh 4 pc
  3. Bones Hardcore Soft Skate Bushings (2 Truck Set)
  4. BONES(TM) Wheels HardCore Bushings
  5. Venom Bushings – High-Performance Formula

Orangatang Nipples (Set of 4)


The Orangatang bushings have a lively and huge design to maintain proper bounce within each carve. Also, it will keep tons to energy and rebound to give optimum performance. Huge barrel shape is good enough then most other board bushings. So the tool will give enough support for your boards. There will be extra material to squash and so you’ll be able to get a more responsive ride. This is perfect for longboard bushings for carving, dancing, and commuting.


  • A huge shape of the barrel.
  • Uses urethane formula.
  • The bushings are high-rebound.
  • The perfect package.


  • A bit lose for some case.


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Let’s watch a video review!

Shorty’s Doh-Doh 4 pc


The Doh Doh Bushings is great skateboard bushing you can have for your longboard/skateboards. The construction quality is up to the mark. It uses urethane as the main material and so it’s tough and good to give a tight performance. Also, there are models with round edges. This will eventually give more resistance. So no fear of chipping will be present with this great bushing. The price is reasonable and the overall bushing is great as a replacement.


  • Hard wearing.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reasonable.
  • Round edges available.


  • Not for medium hard.


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Bones Hardcore Soft Skate Bushings (2 Truck Set)


The bones soft is a great choice for bushing you can get for your longboard/skateboard. You would find these bushings much more compatible then the factory reset versions. The bushing isn’t too stuff. Also, the weight is perfect to keep your steering of the board well. The soft bushings will do the job nicely. You would be free from any worries about turning or stability.


  • A great soft bushing.
  • Perfect for light longboard/skateboard.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Good construction quality.


  • Not a great pick for heavy boards.


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BONES(TM) Wheels HardCore Bushings


The Bones Hardcore is an excellent urethane quality bushing to have. The material does extra effort to give you the revolutionary longboarding experience. The turns will be much smoother and safer. You’ll feel less scared of the great stability it provides. It isn’t too hard or to flex. So, you will get a good grip and assurance to land pretty well. A great bushing that comes with a warranty. There are no major issues that should make you confused about usability. This is one of the best longboard bushings for cruising.


  • Reasonable pricing.
  • A reliable version.
  • Balance flexibility.
  • Good turning.


  • Short kingpin.


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Venom Bushings – High-Performance Formula


The venom HPF is a high-performance bushing that comes in various shapes and durometers according to your needs. It’s compatible with skateboards, longboards and other fun tools. The stability will awe you with maximum grip and safety. The HPF formula is a great asset these bushings bring to keep turning easy and safe. Also, the set up that is too tight or too loose will stress you while having a ride. Having these bushings will change that awkward feel in minutes.


  • Comes in three different heights.
  • Various shape option is available.
  • Good stability.
  • Easy turnings.


  • On restrictive seats, this will give stiffness.

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How to Pick the Right Longboard Bushings

So the colorful cylinder looking tiny tool knows as bushings are usually spotted in the center of our ride. Most of them are completed by urethane. You’ll notice maximum models have four bushing setups.

The arena of bushings will be a complicated place to get lost since there are so many factors you need to consider. With a variety of style and options available at the market getting too intimidated and jump for the one with a lot of features will sound right. But stop. Take some time to figure out what your particular needs are. There are basically two factors that you’ll need to ponder over deeply. The durometer and the shape.

Durometer is actually the measurement of how much soft or hard the bushing is. There are some hard ones that will give more resistance that’s a great pick for larger riders. And then there are a few other models giving softness to provide less resistance. The second type is better for smaller riders.

You need to have a clear idea of what resistance you need for your longboard or skateboard in the first place. If you choose the wrong one then it will disappoint to perform well and do minimal effort while turning. Consider your weight and intended discipline, that way you’ll be able to judge the right durometer for you.

There are two most frequent terms that are widely used to describe the shape of a bushing. Cones and barrels. The most ideal type of shape for any riding is basically a pair of bushings that includes one cone shape and one barrel shape bushing. There are an also the steeped bushings that offer a hybrid between both of them. Each of these shapes will give you a unique performance that you might need for a particular situation.

There are some other important factors also you need to consider about except these two. What is your longboard or skateboard design? What type of flex level does the deck provide? What’s the weight of riders that will be using the board? These all parts will play an important role to decide which bushing you should go for. Consider these important factors and pick the correct bushings for your set up.

You may also check out our reviews on longboard decks where we have picked up 7 best.


That’s all our review of the best bushings for longboard. We hope now you know well about bushings and how to pick a suitable model. It’s all about time and testing. Give yourself enough time to bring out the perfect model that will suit your needs. I’ll recommend any of these five bushings. It will highly depend on your riding preference and the way your board is made.  Good Luck!

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