Atom Drop Deck Longboard Review – Before You Buy

Let’s get it! Longboarding is turning out to be increasingly prevalent as a strong form of skateboarding. At now, the longboard shows with more grip, balance, and sturdiness thanks to its finest manufacturers. The built-in and viewpoint of the curve of longboards turn them fine for voyaging and sailing long spaces than skateboards. The idea of longboarding came once Hawaiian surfers need to go with their hobby to land, particularly throughout times when the surfs were too tiny for a decent surf. Today I’ll be reviewing a popular longboard. Stay till the end for the atom drop deck longboard review that I’m going to break down.


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Atom drop deck longboard review – Key Features:

The Deck

Picking a great longboard deck is a vital think once you want to have your longboard for grabbing to work, tour or class by waving through foot traffic. In this case, the atom deck version is a perfect deck longboard since it would be easier for you to steer through paths as well as crowds. The deck construction of this longboard is Maple which is well laminated. It’s almost 35 mm long which is a great size for comfortable surfing. The photo heat transfer graphic looks extremely stylish.

You would also want to know the fact that it uses a balanced ground for a longboard. Cruising mostly happens on greatly with this ground. The drop-down design for this longboard is ideal. If you want to use the board on the downhill, then you might prefer this unique design because the drop through boards with better length is perfect to give better stability.

It’s a medium-length longboard which goes well for cruising. It’s also a great pick for freestyle on a flat surface for maximum people. No doubt, all those features making them the very popular pick with all kinds of longboarders.

Let’s watch a video of Atom drop deck longboard review!

The Quality Wheels

There isn’t any special wheel that is perfect than another since this is a humble matter of personal favors’ mostly. The atom drop deck longboard is what you need when it comes to flexibility.  It’s a high rebound wheel that ranges 2.5 inches in diameter.  The wheels are great at acceleration speed with superior faster-rolling abilities.

The wheel is great to provide a better grip and does excellent on most surfaces. The power sometimes becomes unstable if you go on too rough grounds. But otherwise, this is pretty well made and good quality wheels. The material is very supple and soft to give nice stability while doing spins and turns. Excellent for most longboarding activities.

The Kingpin Trucks

You know how important it is to select the right kind of turn when it comes to keeping turning and curving at a decent level of usability. The truck is used here is kingpin time which is one of the most standard version. With 35 degrees stable base there are very fewer chances to lose the grip or fall off. It comes with a 6-inch hanger that also covers axles made of steel. The built-in quality is dope I must say. The truck is also very near to the deck width which makes another point count. This type of configuration means that the ride you go through the longboard will be very consistent as well as comfortable. There will be no room for falling off the truck. Also, this helps to go with a balance over flat or sloping surfaces and bend roads. Also, the width ratio is perfect with the deck it comes. The soft bushings make better maneuverability with his truck a relief.

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The Bearings

The bearings are pretty well to give you retain the proper movement. You’ll be able to do this pressing down constantly. This is particularly helpful when your longboarding over frozen roads. The abilities or a bearing is unstoppable when it comes to superior handling.  With durable 80 grit grip, the overall control is always on point. So no matter what type of trick you play you are safe and full of fun. You’ll love the smooth ride with added friction. The material is also finest for most riding environments and styles. So for the bearings, it’s definitely going to shine better than any other option in this price range.

The Price Range

It’s not dramatically expensive. It’s very reasonable instead. Anybody can afford it which is the main reason why it’s so favorable by most longboarded who wants to have quality with usability. The specific material and durability make the price sound somewhat reasonable. Most other in similar price range cannot provide built-in better. So considering the features, of course, the longboard is decently planned for the price.


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  • It’s great longboard for all riders who are just starting.
  • The drop deck is excellent to look and ride.
  • It’s a perfect pick for cruise and activities like that.
  • The rides are smooth and fantastic most of the time.
  • Anybody would love the outlook and design.
  • It gives a very affordable price range.
  • The durability is great.
  • Enough flexibility for a nice ride.
  • The wheels are very well made and does a great job.
  • It comes with excellent bearing properties for a nice ride.
  • It’s very easy to adjust and modify with easy setup.
  • The rolling property is quite favorable.
  • It carves pretty well in any surface.
  • Comes with excellent cutouts that will solve many problems.
  • The deck is well made and goes pretty well for any riding style.[/su_list][/su_box]


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  • The tads are too tight. You need to lose them up to make the wheel work properly.
  • You need to do regular adjustments.[/su_list][/su_box][/su_column][/su_row]

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You need to take a decision after knowing well about a longboard. I’m sure now you have a clear idea of why this longboard is going to be a fair purchase. The size, shape, and performance will stand out and make your rides go smooth Just be honest and think about the pros. Of course, there are some negatives but who does not have bad sides. Apart from those, it’s really a great longboard that should take place into your fun tool kits. Good luck with the decision and hopefully, you’ll be having fun with the longboard for your next boarding trip. That’s all about atom drop deck longboard review which helps you out.

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