Loaded Icarus

Most riders would tell you that the most fascinating features in a longboard are better decks, urethane soft wheels, and huge trucks. These aspects would let you have a better speed for any competition or normal riding.



Up first on our list of best shoes for longboarding is DC Men’s Pure skate shoe, which, in our opinion, offers a good balance of support and mobility for longboard riders who are a little inclined to freestyle riding


Sector 9 aperture sidewinder review

There are numerous types of longboards available for a different style of riding. As a rider, you need the basics to do well while riding. Getting a complete guide would be the best way to start knowing about longboarding in common and to get what is obtainable in the market these days.


rayne whip 47 review

Longboarding! Already I’m feeling the thrill of racing with my buddies and racing for a pride battle. This is a feeling that only a boarder can understand. But not every longboard is going to give you the same thrill and functioning. That’s why today I’m about to tell you a story about a great longboard, yes that is Rayne whip 47- Moving around .


How to slow down on a Longboard: simple tricks

Have you started practicing on longboards recently? Are you looking for a perfect guide that will enlighten you regarding how to slow down on a longboard? Then sweat out no more. You are reading through the right piece of information that has proper details listed that you will need to follow for slowing down a longboard and also slowing down going downhill on a longboard. Let’s keep on going!

Road to Arai-Te-Uru Recreation Reserve

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